God of Wonders

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated this blog, and even though there aren’t as many readers here as on my Kitchen Kop blog, I do normally try to be a little more regular with posting than I have been recently.  Having the kids home more all summer makes for a lot of fun, but since I can’t do it all, I’ve been putting Mom stuff first.  :)

Also, we’ve been getting ready for our Colorado trip.  I’m actually writing this from our hotel room now while Kent has the kids down at the pool.

I wanted to tell you about that picture above, the view that brought tears to my eyes.

It was taken when our train was almost to the very top of Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs.  Off in the distance you can actually see Kansas.  I love how the clouds make dark shadows on parts of the mountain; and look at the lake and the green meadow – breathtaking isn’t it?  When looking around up there, my mind was flooded with thankfulness to our Lord for how good He is, that He would create such beauty for us to enjoy while here on earth.  What a gift.

Here’s our view AT the top of Pikes Peak:

It was 90* when we got on the train to come up and was snowing at the top and freezing!

Apparently this was the location where Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write the song, America the Beautiful:

We also had an awesome view out the windows behind the altar at St. Dominic Church where we went to Mass last night:

You couldn’t see it in that picture, but here’s the shot of the mountains that we got to take in while we worshipped the One who created them:

The clouds do wild things here in the mountains.

Here’s a cool shot right in the romantic location of…the Whole Foods parking lot:

Here’s one of a storm coming over the mountains:

The next day we decided to drive up to the summit, and I got a couple more shots I had to show you!

This first is another one showing how crazy the clouds are up there at the top:

This next shot is just one more view that I wanted you to see.  Don’t you love the way the sun peeks out from the clouds to shine on a random meadow or mountain peak here and there?

And this is the Third Day song that’s been in my mind all week:

Are you finding the beauty in God’s creation wherever you are right now? 

It’s everywhere you look, whether it’s in the people you love or in your surroundings.  Here are more examples of His handiwork that I’ve captured and shared here on the blog before.

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  1. says

    “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”- Psalm 24

    Thanks for sharing God’s amazing handiwork and some facts – beautiful!

    Peace be with you on your travels home.

  2. karen says

    Wow!!!! What a train ride!!! How fabulous! How ecological!! Your fotos are the reason why the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” was created!!!

    Bravo, Kel!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing.
    ps. Just saw the movie “The Help” and woke up this morning realizing “I have no monumental problems.” YAY…Extraordinary book, fabulous movie!

  3. says

    I saw the trailer for that movie and have wanted to see it since. I think it would be a great movie for the kids – do you think it’s appropriate for them??

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